Fritz Fest '06

Sunday, January 8th, 2006, noon

Friday, January 13, 2006


Some Quotes About Fritz's

"I did get the time to talk with the lovely and charming wife of Fritz, and even was given a tour of their kitchen. Big surprise at that, as I wanted to see where the delicious food came from, and enjoyed the talks with her. The looks I got from T1G were enough to keep the wolf at bay from one of the lovely daughters also present..."

Laughing Wolf

"...a huge thank you to Fritz and company for providing the place and the excellent food! I think the next time T1G announces dinner at Fritz's, he won't have to ring that honking big bell to get people to go eat. Wonderful food - excellent bartenders. Thank you all!"


"...I LOVE FRITZ'S! The atmosphere, the people, the food - and they serve a very good drink. It really was the perfect place to have this and they did a fantastic job."


"It was great! Beer...Icy! Food...Delish! Bloggers...Cool! Can't wait to do it again!"

Jake and MJ

"I had a wonderful time. I can't recommend Fritz's Wooden Nickel enough -- the staff, food and atmosphere were top rate. ('Course the atmosphere may have had something to do with the people that were there yesterday.....) I can see why T1G chose that particular location. It's a bit off the beaten path, but well worth your time."


"I was all prepared to give That One Guy a ration of shit for bringing us all to a neighborhood bar three kilometers from the end of the earth, but after I ate, I understood. The meal was fabularious, (a comination of fabulous and hilarious)and I ate, well, a lot..."


"It really was The Schiznitzes at Fritz's -- both the people and the food. The Schiznitz, indeed."


"Fritz's easily rates 4 kilts up!"


Okay, maybe one of them wasn't really said...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006



Hey people,

Sorry I'm running behind getting you directions. There's been a lot of crap going down on this side of the monitor, least of which is no internet service. At least not yet.

So here's the scoop. The meal is going to be the Carvery option. It will be served at one, with the bar opening at noon.

I'm figuring most are coming via I - 90, so I'll give those directions first.

Coming up or down 90, take the I - 39 south, 20 Rockford exit. For those coming from up nort, this is the last Rockford exit. Believe it or not, if you're coming from the south, it's the first Rockford exit. Weird.

When I - 39 breaks south towards Bloomington Normal, take it. You'll go about 8 miles. Take Exit 111, Hwy 72. Turn right (towards Byron).

About another 8 miles, you will enter the metropolis of Stillman Valley. Look for a Marathon gas station on your right... this is Walnut St. Take a right. Fritz's will be on your left, after the stop sign. Parking is on both sides of the street.

For those coming via I - 88, head north on I - 39. After that, directions are exactly the same... exactly. Any other directions needed, just let me know.

One word of caution... about three miles along on 72, you will come to where hwy 251 intersects. The signs say it, and I'll say it... cross traffic does not stop. Now I'm not implying that anyone's an idiot. I'm just letting you know that this is a very dangerous intersection. Hardly a day goes by without a minor wreck, and I don't think that a month can go by without a fatality. Just keep this is mind when you pull up to the stop sign... I want to be able to see all of you.

If you need any more info, drop me a line.

See ya soon,


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Points of Origin

While I'm thinking that I know where most of you are coming from, I'd appreciate it if you would all let me know for sure. Make writing up directions much easier.

Thanks, and can't wait to see ya all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


.... It's What's for Dinner

Okay, folks...

I, like a tried and true idiot, have lost some of the email addresses of those who are coming. So, I'm taking the easy way out. Or in, as it were.

Spoke with Fritz today, and this is what I've got for meals, and their prices. These prices include tax and tip.

1. Chicken (fried)
BBQ Pork
Pasta and Sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Vegetable (probably green beans)
Soup and Salad Bar.......................... Cost? $10

2. Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Soup and Salad Bar.......................... Cost? $13

3. Beef
Mashed Potatoes
Soup and Salad Bar.......................... Cost? $16

4. Carvery...
Standing Ham
Prime Rib
Red Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Rosemary Roasted Red Potato (or other if desired)
2-3 Vegetables
Soup and Salad Bar.......................... Cost? $18

5. Steak Fry (grill your own)
Ribeye Steak
Boiled Red Potatoes
Baked Beans
Mushrooms (why?)
Au Jus
Soup and Salad Bar.......................... Cost? $15

These are the meals offered... you folks vote on what you want. Majority rules, no tapbacks, blah, blah, blah....

We've got until the first of January to let Fritzie know what's going down.


Don't Forget... January 8th.

This is just a cheap ass way for me to avoid digging up email addresses. I've gone and deleted some of you, without meaning any disrespect.

I've got a list of those who are coming below... if you see someone missing, or you're planning on being there, and I've forgotten you, please let me know.


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